DealForce: Service Agreement

Welcome to DealForce Inc. This service agreement outlines the comprehensive terms and conditions under which we provide our expertise in sales appointment setting services. We believe in maintaining transparency and mutual respect throughout our engagement.

Services: Our team of Sales managers will help identify suitable prospects within your target market, meticulously plan sales appointments, and present you with a detailed proposal for each prospective meeting. Upon your approval of a proposal and subsequent confirmation of the meeting's occurrence from either party involved, our services for that meeting will be considered complete and billable.

Compensation: In certain cases, we might need to charge an initial nominal fee of $1 with the sole purpose of capturing payment details. Following this, the standard service charges will be either $279 or $499 per confirmed sales meeting, the specifics of which would be determined and agreed upon before the engagement begins. This allows us to maintain financial transparency from the get-go.

Payment Procedure: Payments are designed to be hassle-free, processed automatically through our reliable point-of-sale system, Stripe. This auto-billing occurs only under specific conditions - your approval of a proposal, and confirmation from you or the prospect that the meeting did indeed take place. If we don't receive a confirmation or response from either party within 48 hours, we assume the meeting has occurred, and the auto-billing proceeds.

Failure to Pay: Should a situation arise where a payment is not received in a timely manner, we reserve the right to cancel any future scheduled sales meetings. This step would be necessary to protect our interests, and we believe in providing a fair warning in this regard.

Duration of Agreement: This agreement is effective for the entire duration of our engagement. It does not extend or carry any obligations beyond the conclusion of the engagement. This design aims to cater to specific project requirements without any overhanging commitments.

Cancellation Policy: We believe in flexibility and understanding the changing needs of our clients. We do not require any contracts or time commitments. Our service is based on your needs and can be cancelled at any time without any additional charges.

Confidentiality: We understand the importance of privacy and are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of our clients. Any materials, contact lists, scripts, or other items you share with us during the course of our engagement will be handled with utmost care and will not be disclosed to any unauthorized third party.

Dispute Resolution: Should any disputes arise, they will be handled internally at our discretion. We aim to resolve issues amicably and swiftly, keeping your best interests in mind. Refunds are not typically part of our policy unless it's a case where a sales meeting has been erroneously billed.

Please note, in our strategy to make sales meetings more appealing to prospects, we may offer low-value incentives. This is purely to facilitate and encourage prospects to meet with you, and forms an integral part of our service offering.