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DealForce books sales calls with main street businesses and billion dollar enterprises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? We have answers! We highly recommend reaching out to a Consultant at DealForce to help guide you on the best option.

How does this service work?
DealForce offers outsourced SDRs on a pay-for-performance model. That means, we only bill you once you’ve confirmed that a prospect has successfully attended a sales call. No long-term commitments, cancel any time, $0 onboarding, and no other additional, hidden, or auxiliary costs.
Are refunds available for bad sales calls?
DealForce is a small team of high-performing sales professionals that has a main priority to create happy clients and value in our engagement. If you request a refund from us, we are likely to submit it without any questions asked. However, our team will frequently end engagements.
What does your team’s communication look like?
Excellent communication is the heart of a great partnership. Our team is fast on replies, has excellent communication, requests your feedback after every single call, and you’ll have a dedicated Account Executive to work with. At higher-priced services, DealForce offers a white glove engagement with a dedicated Sales Rep that works directly for you.
How soon can I receive my first booked sales call?
We can typically book our first sales call within 2-3 weeks after doing outreach and building a sales pipeline. If your ideal customer profile is niche then it will take longer for us to to drive sales meetings. Please note, that we do not have the capability and will never book a high-volume barrage of unwanted sales calls into your calendar immediately after signing up. Sometimes we get this concern, we would never do something unethical like this.
What can I expect as my conversion rate?
20%-35% conversion rate is a typical qualified to close rate across many industries. Most of our clients require a minimum 10% conversion rate to have a positive return on investment from their first month.
What happens if a prospect doesn’t attend the meeting?
Depending on the service line, you will not be billed. And our team will handle rescheduling the prospect. We typically see a 68% reschedule conversion. Our meeting hold rates are higher than 85% (high-quality sales pipeline).
What if I’m unhappy with the service?
You are able to cancel our service at any time, no advanced notice is necessary. Just send us an email, and we’ll immediately confirm back with you. We sincerely hope that you’d be willing to give us feedback on our cancellation form. Feedback is the main driver of DealForce’s pivots and service-line changes.
I only want 3-5 sales calls for my first month. Is that possible?
Yes, definitely - you have strict control. We’re a friendly team! Let us know how many calls you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to set a cap. Our team will book the sales calls for you. We’ll ask for your feedback after every call. And we’ll re-confirm with you before we book any more sales calls.
What are incentives/microincentives?
DealForce operates a network of hundreds of prospects in a database that we’ve completed interviews and form replies. We’ll ask prospects to have interviews with us to understand what services they’re interested in, what their current business goals look like, and what their pain points are. Many of our prospects received incentives with a range of values.

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